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Film Streaming Hijacking Complet en français sur AnyFilm : La négociation est une transaction qui aboutit à un compromis: ce avec quoi nous sommes prêts à vivre pour poursuivre nos activités. La valeur n'est pas mesurée en valeur mais plutôt en coût. Ainsi, lorsque des vies sont en jeu, comment les négociateurs parviennent-ils à un nombre tolérable? "A Hijacking" commence par nous présenter l'équipage de 7 hommes d'un cargo danois, sur le chemin du retour au milieu de l'océan Indien. Il nous emmène ensuite au Danemark, où le PDG de la flotte, Peter ( Søren Malling ), parle avec compétence aux hommes d'affaires japonais jusqu'à un peu moins de 15 millions de dollars pour un accord sans nom. Peu de temps après, Peter découvre que des pirates somaliens ont détourné le navire que nous avons vu il y a quelques instants. Lorsqu'ils demandent 15 millions de dollars en échange de la vie de l'équipage, Connor, le négociateur d'otages, conseille de leur offrir un maigre 500 000 $. The lowballing is meant to convey that the corporation won't bend for bandits, but if it were up to the crewmembers, Peter would give the pirates whatever they want. Of course, if he did, they'd just ask for more. The situation is impossible, which is why the hostages endure captivity for over four months. This film is about the glacial pace of these types of negotiations. There's no hero in "A Hijacking." Nobody throws punches or tries to wrestle a weapon out of a pirate's hands. Everyone is just forced to wait. If anything, the film exposes the deep moral callousness of those doing the dealing, and the desperation of the people they break. Because Director Tobias Lindholm is interested in all the tensions of this interaction, the experience is consistently engrossing, if unsettling. The crew lives in constant fear of their gun-toting captors, even when they somewhat befriend them. Their quarters are awkward and cramped, not meant to be shared with some 25 errant pirates. On the other side, Peter is anxious to wrap things up, but he also can't be bullied into bankruptcy. The hostage negotiator warns him that he should outsource the bargaining to an unbiased expert, but Peter refuses. "This is my company, it's my ship, these are my men," he declares. A tragic flaw, since the pirates have the foresight to hire their own translator-negotiator, Omar (Abdihakin Asgar), to do the talking. Even Omar wants to remove himself from the situation. "I'm not one of them," he keeps insisting to the crew and to Peter. He sees himself as a hired hand with a linguistic advantage — not a criminal — and gets swiftly angry if anyone suggests otherwise. The bulk of the stress revolves around 12 phone calls between Peter and Omar. Connor is always present to make sure each conversation never gets frantic. The one time things reach Samuel L. Jackson pitch, there are immediate consequences. The film earns Dogme points with handheld cinematography and uncomfortable, sometimes inefficient lighting. But Lindholm wanted to achieve maximum realism. So the boat scenes were filmed on a real ship in the Indian Ocean. A satellite phone was set up on the boat to make phone calls to the actors in Denmark, so echoes and lagging weren't scripted and the reactions were often improvised..